Health Coaching / Nutrition & Weight Loss


Do you desire to significantly improve your health? Are you ready to change how and what you eat, improve your health and experience whole-body healing? 

Take advantage of our health coaching at the NRH Centre. Our health coaches are also personal trainers who hold certifications in both nutrition and weight loss.

For questions or details on this service, please contact Teddi Zonker at or 817.427.6613.

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When contacting a health coach to book your appointment, please be sure to include the following information concerning your appointment:

  1. Name & Telephone Number

  2. Desired Appointment Date & Time

  3. Type of Service & Duration Desired


Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist & Personal Trainer
Phone: 901.496.1924


No Fad diets, No magic teas, or detoxes. Learn how to properly fuel your body and obtain your health and fitness goals! This program focuses on teaching clients how to properly allocate, track, and plan meals.

Ideal for clients who who’s primary goal is weight loss, weight gain, or, for those looking to trim a little extra off the waistline. Erica teaches clients how to plan their meals according to their goals through the focus of macronutrient allocation.

This program includes a one on one consultation to establish the client’s goals and explore how calories, activity, and lifestyle choices effect the body. For 30 days, clients will complete daily check-ins via text or email to ensure they’re on track to obtain their goals. It’s like having a nutrition coach in your pocket!

Erica is a certified Nutritionist and Weight loss Specialist. She has assisted hundreds of clients in obtaining their ideal physique. If you’re contemplating starting your fitness journey, feel “stuck” or, wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, this is the perfect place to start! 


$95 (weight, BMI calculation, 30 days of support/trigger discussion)
$65 (single consult; assessment of current diet/initial eating plan)
$50 (follow up)

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist & Personal Trainer
Phone: 479.935.5927


The food plan focuses on getting the correct macronutrients through whole, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains, while limiting carbohydrates and red meat.


By eating whole fresh foods the body gets what it needs with less caloric intake. A large part of healthy eating is preparation and planning. By learning to prepare foods ahead with a thought out plan you can attack cravings by having the right things readily available. Eventually the need for quick foods, processed foods and sugary snacks decreases which leads to a healthier life and desired weight loss.

$45 initial consult (Assessment of current diet/macronutrient levels; initial eating plan).
$45 single session on alkaline diet/cleansing; cleansing options
$45 30-day follow up/maintenance program
$45 follow-up as needed/measurements and discuss triggers

  1. Complete Nutrition Consultation Form (1st appointment only)

  2. Complete Payment for Services (Use "purchase" link below)

(For Gift Cards, please be prepared to give to the Massage Therapist)


  1. Bring pen, paper or your phone to take notes; download apps, etc.

  2. Provide nutrition coach your Nutrition Consultation Form*

  3. Relinquish your payment receipt or gift card



*Provide printed version if you did not submit your Online Consultation Form from above


If you must cancel an appointment, please call with 24-hour advanced notice. No shows and last minute cancellations will be paid-in-full by the client. If the cancelled session was previously paid-in-full, a no show or last minute cancellation WILL result in FORFEITING the cancelled session. Advanced notice of cancellation may only be done up to two times on the same appointment. All sessions will begin at the scheduled appointment time; if the client is late, the time missed will be deducted from the session.