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Youth Activities

The NRH Centre offers various youth programs throughout the year. 

Our programs focus on learning and socialization in a fun, safe environment. You may also sign up for our e-club on the homepage so you can stay in-the-know with all things youth!

Youth Program Policy

  • In order to provide the best learning environment, and with the student's best interest in mind; we ask that parents/guardians dropping off students for class remain in the downstairs lobby once the class begins. By minimizing distractions, the quality of instruction is least impacted by potential interruptions. 

  • If the instructor feels that the parent/guardian is needed to assist the student, the instructor will locate the parent/guardian as soon as possible. 

  • For students ages 3 and up and to assist in providing a good learning environment, students must be toilet trained.

  • All programs have a minimum and maximum enrollment. A program will form if it reaches the minimum enrollment designated for that age range or activity. When a program reaches maximum enrollment, no more registrations will be taken for that program. A wait list is available, at no charge, in the event a program has reached maximum registration.

  • Registration for all classes must be completed in advance. The deadline for registration in youth programs is one week prior to the start date. 

  • As mentioned, each program must reach the minimum enrollment number designated to be held. A program that does not reach this enrollment minimum will be canceled one week prior to the start date. 


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