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Updated Terms and Conditions for

Participation and Membership at the NRH Centre



I hereby release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless the City of North Richland Hills, the Parks and Recreation Department, its employees, activity officials, supervisors, any or all in the event of any accident, injury or death sustained by the named participant(s) on this registration form while being transported to or from an activity, or while participating in any activity, from any liability of any kind whatsoever. All activities involve some physical nature and I understand and assume the risk in participating. In the event of serious accident or injury, I understand city officials may contact 911, provide and perform first aid, and when necessary, recommend transport to a hospital and reach the parent/guardian as soon as the situation allows.


By participating in any individual or group activity sponsored by the City of North Richland Hills (City) or occurring at a City-owned facility, or by allowing my child to participate in any individual or group activity sponsored by the City or occurring at a City-owned facility, I understand and acknowledge the risks of the possibility of contracting or spreading COVID-19. I hereby release the City from any and all liability and waive any rights I, or my child may have, to bring a claim against the City, its employees, officers, or volunteers, in the event, I or my child, or anyone for whom I am responsible, contracts COVID-19 resulting from such participation.


The Release of Liability Form will be valid and in force and effect for all purposes stated herein for twelve (12) months from the date of execution. The NRH Centre MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM (NEW and RENEWING MEMBERS) must be completed annually.



The NRH Centre is a closed-training facility; only those certified personal trainers who are contracted through the City of North Richland Hills are permitted to train members/guests.  Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension or termination of NRH Centre Membership privileges and facility access.




Annual Pass Holders have 30 days from the date of purchase to request an Annual Membership refund without incurring an administration processing fee ($25). One month, based on monthly membership rate, will be deducted from the amount originally paid.



Annual Membership Passes may be refunded at a prorated amount, based on the number of months that have elapsed since the membership was purchased, and calculated at the membership rate. No refunds will be given on expired Annual Memberships or for unused time passed during the membership period prior to the date the refund request is received. Payments made by credit card must be refunded to the same card type. If the original payment was made by cash or check, you will receive a refund check within 4-6 weeks. No cash refunds provided.


MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER - Annual Pass Holders may transfer their pass to another individual or family. If the receiving party is a non-resident, the receiving party will be required to pay the rate difference. If a non-resident annual pass holder is transferring their annual pass to a resident of the City of North Richland Hills, there is NO refund for the rate difference.



Annual members may freeze their membership for a minimum of SIX weeks, up to FOUR months if a medical condition prohibits them from utilizing the NRH Centre. Proper documentation from a DOCTOR must be submitted with a MEMBERSHIP FREEZE REQEUST FORM within TWO weeks of the injury/condition occurring. Extensions will NOT be given for expired Annual Memberships, or unused time passed in the membership period prior to the date the freeze request is received. Upon reactivation, memberships will be extended for the length of time frozen. There are no refunds given on the membership once frozen, and no refunds on the membership extension period resulting from the freeze. Monthly memberships are NOT eligible.


Cancellation requests MUST be submitted via email (by the primary account holder) to the Membership Services Supervisor at No requests will be accepted by phone or verbally.



A $35 processing fee will be assessed for all returned checks.



All members age 3 and above are required to have a valid NRH Centre ID Card present when checking into the facility. Replacement ID must be purchased for $5 before entrance to the facility and use of amenities granted.


ACTIVITY AND PHOTO RELEASE - The City of North Richland Hills, its officials, employees, agents and representatives have the right to use pictures or video in the North Richland Hills Parks and Recreation programs. Pictures may be used in publications and/or social media.

I, the parent/legal guardian of the above named participant/s 17 and under or Primary Cardholder, do hereby give my approval for participation in any and all of the program activities/services. I give permission for any photographs taken during these activities to be utilized for promotional uses by the City of North Richland Hills now/in the future.

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